Constant, short freezes leading to single loud beep

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Hey all,

So, within 5 minutes of starting my PC, it freezes constantly. These freezes are short, lasting only about 20-30 seconds, but happen once every 4-5 minutes. As well, there seems to be some colour in the background every time this happens. It looks very similar to static only with colour. (Sometimes green, sometimes yellow). Eventually, after about 45 minutes of enduring this, my computer will freeze completely and a single loud beep is heard, and the PC freezes completely. Upon restarting my PC, the same process occurs.

Any suggestions on what may be causing this problem?

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: As of recently, my pc will freeze within 30 seconds of booting up, and i recently got BSOD, error was NVID_Disp file or something of the like.


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Have you removed the RAM recently there may be something else in your slots ? (dirt,dust or grit) :)
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