Corrupted Error

By cheech423
Nov 9, 2005
  1. To start off, I am not well operative when it comes to computers. Lately I have been recieving an error simply if I just restart my computer or turn it off and turn it back on the next day. My computer used to work just fine and now I am unable to play certain PC games. When i submit the error a page comes up stating, "Corrupted Error Report." It goes on by describing the error, "Unfortunately, the error report you submitted is corrupted and cannot be analyzed. Corrupted error reports are rare. They can be caused by hardware or software problems, and they usually indicate a serious problem with your computer." I followed some of the guidelines given but wasnt successful in solving the problem because I dont know what hardware or software is corrupted. I was hoping someone might have some useful advice to end this error and not advice as my friend gave, "Just toss it out the window." Thank you.
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