Counter-Strike:Source connection problems

By ~Lemon~
Feb 7, 2008
  1. Hey guys, i've just moved from Hong Kong, China, to Chicago, Illinois.

    i recently moved in and set up my computer, got the internet working, BUT there's a problem.

    CS Source started up fine, but when i joined a server, the moment i get in, the game freezes, then the "WARNING: Connection Problem" appears at the top right hand corner of the screen, it keeps happening to every server i join.

    Also, it takes a really long time to just find a server even with no filters, as if the internet is really slow but internet explorer is really fast so i dont think its the internet problem. The friends tab also keeps losing connection then connects again for a short while, it keeps doing this on and off.

    The last li'l annoying thing is that sometimes the game minimizes when i join a server.

    Nothing has ever happened like this before (i've seen the "warning connection problem" thing before, but not in this manner), i dont know if its because of the new internet location or the internet itself.

    I've tried disabling my firewalls and norton auto protect but it doesnt help.
    Creating a LAN server with bots works fine.

    Please help me, thanks.
  2. snacks

    snacks TS Enthusiast Posts: 147

    Just taking a random guess right now before you mess with your internet, but does Steam itself have problems?
  3. ~Lemon~

    ~Lemon~ TS Rookie Topic Starter


    nope, it doesnt have any problems starting up or working the other games, it just seems to be the connection problem.

    I deleted the client registry to reset the update and see if that was the problem, but it updated fine, no problems at all.

    oh yeah, and i was testing it just now, seems that this is affecting every source game i have installed in steam, i think something is blocking steam, but at the same time i dont think so because steam can update itself...and i havent installed any new virus protection.
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