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Mar 1, 2007
  1. Hello. Ive got a problem which I have another thread about. In the course of investigating that problem I notised something that struck me as odd. I have an AMD Athlon x2 4200+ processor. This is supposed to have a cache of 1MB, 512KB in each of its cores. However both 'memtest86' and 'tufftest' see one core as having 512KB of cache and the other as having 128KB or cache. Is this normal? Could this be influencing or influenced by my restart problem (other thread)? Hmmm.... never buying from ebuyer again.


    Yes, that is a point that people should take into consideration. Me and two of my friends built new computers from comonents bought from ebuyer. None of the motherboards worked, my friends graphics card didnt work, and my other friend had another component that didnt work. Bad enough. Using my new motherboard from pcworld (same price and not as good but at least it worked) me and one friend swapped motherboards over to check what was going wrong on his copmputer, everything worked fine with my pcworld mobo but but with his ebuyer mobo it didnt even turn on, the fan just span for a second or two, so it was obveously compleatly knackerd. ebuyer sent it back to him saying they tested it and found no errors. hmmm.... so maybe we had done something wrong. were not experts. I then recieve my equiptment. Everything works fine, except my onboard graphics dont work. I use a graphics card but I dont want a motherboard that has a fault, who knows what els could be wrong? So I send it back. in the fault report I said onboard graphics dont work (as in blank screen) they sent it back clainming no fault, now I know they havnt botherd to test it, I send it back again (i actually refused the pacage which coustomer services told me to do, then of course i ring wanting to know whats going on coz its been a few days and refusing it was absolutely the last thing I should have done according to this coustomer serviceeer) So, after that phonecall magically its appeared in their warehouse that very day and a couple of days later, theyre like "oh, yeah, we didnt notis last time we tested it that theres nothing on the screen" easy Fing mistake to make isnt it. So I just wouldnt bother, oh and yeah, now it keeps restarting all the time so clearly something els theyve sold me is buggerd.
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    Get CPU-z, and yes it sounds right since L1 is 128Kb, and L2 is 512KB, both per core.
  3. jbaines2615

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    Thankyou for your reply. Idont know what CPU-z does but I will. Why does that sound right if L1 and L2 and per core? I dont doubt what you say I just dont understand it. The spec's for the 4200+ from the website i bought it from (www.ebuyer.co.uk) say that L1 = 512kb and L2 = 512kb giving a total cache of 1mb. isnt that contradictory to what you say? I hope not. I hate components having faults.
  4. F1N3ST

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    512x2 is 1MB and 64x2 is 128

    L1 Cache is 128
    L2 Cache is 1MB
  5. jbaines2615

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    I still dont get what you saying. Sure 512x2= 1MB, but it says L1 cache 512 L2 cache = 512, total 1MB It doesnt say L2 Cache 2x 512 L1 cache 2 x 64? Youve lost me.
  6. F1N3ST

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    I am sorry I meant 2x128.

    Download CPU-z and check the cache.
  7. jbaines2615

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    Oh, rite. I see what you mean. In CPU-z it says L1 cache 64kb, x2, 2-way associative 64-byte line size, than it says exactly the same in the next box, then in the next box it says: L2 cache 5123kb, x2, 16-way associative 64-byte line size. That would suggest 1.5mb. hmmmm, im totaly confused now.
  8. MetalX

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    The L1 and L2 are totally different. The L2 is generally more important, and is always larger.
  9. F1N3ST

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    You are fine your cache is right.
  10. jbaines2615

    jbaines2615 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    GREAT!! thanks to both of you for your replys. If either of you have anything to say about my other thread (I think there both next to eachother right now) I could do with all the help I can get.
  11. Tedster

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    CPU-z isn't totally 100% accurate. It also has bugs with multi-core processors. They update from time to time
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