CPU jumps to 100% then back to normal when playing games

As the tilte says my CPU is jumping to 100% usage for a few seconds then back to normal (40-50%) when playing games.
This is more noticeable when I'm streaming and is more frequent.

This happens when playing games and streaming but not when idle or internet use.

My CPU jumps to 100% use and causing a massive fps drop froim 45-50 to 6fps for the few seconds that it is at full load.

CPU - FX 8320 @4.4Ghz
H100i Cooling
Motherboard - Asrock 970 extreme 4
GPU - GTX 550ti (evga stock speeds)
12GB ram - 8gb crucial tracer tactical and 4gb corsair vengance
1tb WD Black for main storage and OS
1tb WD blue for recordings
264gb ssd's with DayZ on one and arma 2 on the other

any help would be great.
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It's not fo
Alright, what's the process taking up 100% CPU?
It's not for say 1 process taking it to 100% its when I play games I will be fine running at 40-50% fine and then for a few seconds its maxes out my cpu.

This has happened in more than 1 game. 3 that I have tested it has done this


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So it's the game process that's making it go to 100%? Try updating Direct X, video drivers... etc.