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Aug 18, 2008
  1. Well, i recently purchased a new processor off my friend, but my computer is still running at the same speed as my old processor (1.99GHz) while the new one is 2.66GHz. I have searched this forum a little and found out that it may have something to do with FSB settings in my BIOS or something I'm not to sure i don't know much about this kind of stuff.
    I checked in my bios and i couldn't find anything that had to do with FSB or CPU and Voltage i think it was..

    Also in System Properties it says something along the lines of
    'Intel (R) Pentium 4 CPU 2.66GHz

    I'm guessing that the 2.66GHz is my max speed, and the 1.99GHz is the speed its currently running at?

    any help is greatly appreciated
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    Yup, this is most likely an internal FSB/CPU multiplier issue. In order for the CPU to run at max factory speed, the Front-Side Bus (FSB) speed on the motherboard needs to be at max and the correct voltage needs to be assigned to ensure the CPU receives sufficient power. A CPU multiplier may also come into play when determining the correct speed. If I were you, I would clear CMOS and start from default settings. Make sure that the motherboard is set to max FSB speed (in mhz) and go from there. You may need to do a BIOS update to allow for certain settings to be unlocked in BIOS.
  3. Zeating

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    i'm not too smart with computers wanna give me a small checklist or step through step things of what i should do?
    how can i update my BIOS, i saw something like CMOS in my BIOS, but how can i update?
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    Sorry to confuse you. I'll try to explain it better. Without having your system in front of me, it's a little hard for me to walk you through but I'll try my best. I don't recommend updating your BIOS unless you find that you don't have access to a lot of features such as FSB controls, voltage settings etc... The process of updating, or "flashing", your BIOS chip is risky and you can turn your computer into a nice little paperweight if done incorrectly.

    Clearing CMOS is basically just the process of bringing all the settings in BIOS back to default values; cannot harm your computer. After this is done, you can go into BIOS and reconfigure them to optimal values. To clear the CMOS, all you gotta do is remove the small flat battery on the motherboard and leave it out for a couple minutes. Put it back in and turn the computer back on. You can then proceed into BIOS and configure the values.
  5. Zeating

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    right... well from what i can see my BIOS doesn't have any FSB controls or voltage settings, and honestly i'm not to sure how to take the battery out or if i even want to, seems a little risky. That's the only way?
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    Nope, most motherboards have a "CMOS Jumper" that connects 2 of 3 pins. Moving the jumper over to say pins 1 and 2 instead of 2 and 3 for 30secs or so will clear the CMOS settings just like pulling the battery. Once cleared, put the jumper back on pins 2 and 3.

    Here's a visual representation of a typical jumper layout:

    [.][.][.] = three pins on mobo

    [__] = jumper

    [__][.] = jumper on pins (1 and 2)

    the jumper connects 2 pins at a time = [__][.]

    moving the jumper over clears CMOS settings = [.][__] (2 and 3)

    Once the jumper is returned to it's original position, the computer can be turned on the and settings in BIOS can be reconfigured. If you claim that your BIOS has locked out the FSB controls, I wouldn't even bother. A BIOS update may be necessary to further tweak the internals.
  7. Zeating

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    I see.. thanks so much for the help, for a bios update how would i do that?

    im pretty unexperienced, so if this really isn't working i may just bring it into a computer shop and get them to do it.
  8. Zeating

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    hmm.. well i took my battery out, cleared the CMOS but thats not the problem.. my Bios DID block out the FSB controls, and i'm guessing thats the problem. Sorry for the double post btw.

    I hear that a BIOS update is very dangerous and can easily break my motherboard... is there any solution to my problem or am i just doomed to have a slow processor?
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