Cpu showing wrong speed.

By omar5575
Aug 16, 2007
  1. hi there
    i have another problem, i have an amd athlon xp 2400+....well thats whats it meant to be, i had to us a reboot disk to get the pc back to it orginal state, as i had too much spyware and to many viruses to cope with, but when after the reboot, the number upon startup in the left corner which said amd(TM) 2400+ and now it says amd(TM) 1250+. please help as my system has been badly affected and is soooo slow!, the cd was supplied by time as it is a time computer, also i had used the cd twice before but this happened on the third time. i have attempted OC'ing and was a bit of an almost disaster but i was out of m mind when i oc'ed and nothing happened to my processor, so if anyone has any suggestions i would be very grateful as i really need to professional help!! thanks people!!

    pc specs:
    amd athlon "2400+"
    nvidia geforce 5200 fx
    2 gb ram
    160gb maxtor hard drive
    1 cd rom drive
    1 writer drive
    5 in 1 card reader
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