CPU Temp software.

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Dec 20, 2005
  1. I would like to download a free program to measure my cpu's heat. Does anyone know of one? I tried Everest Home Edition, but they just discontinued in on Dec 1. Any ideas?
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    If you have an Asus mobo, they have their own PCProbe program.
    Otherwise the above Speedfan.
    Mobo Monitor has also been discontinued.
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    Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure the tempature gauge is broken, as I've had the same reading for a week now. Thanks though.
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    Well, if you dont have to monitor the temperature the whole time - try SiSoft Sandra, it's free + it's synthetic test are great for measuring performance gains from tweaks :)

    The only problem is - it reports the temperature every time you press refresh button on the CPU module, so you'll have to refresh it every time you want to check temeperature, it only takes a second, but still...

    This tool wasn't made for temperature reading, but when I want to check my CPU temp I always use it - why install another program when this one can do all the temperature monitoring, just isnt that great looking or configurable and you must refresh it - for the basic temperature readout it's great, but wont get you anything more (I'm reffering to temp. monitoring, there's a ton of stuff in there :) ).
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