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Jun 7, 2002
  1. i would like info on tweeking my comp. speed for my processor; how to get the most out of my comp for what i do. my comp is a compaq- 7597, with a proc speed of 600, 320 ram, and 40 gigs. i tried some tweeks but i dont see much of a difference. i know u guys r good so any info would be great!
  2. JAV

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    Hey Ref,

    Welcome aboard. :D

    Here's a a couple handy little programs: *CPUCool* www.guru3d.com *Fresh Diagnose* www.freshdevices.com *CPU Control Panel* (also called 'Upgrade Finder I do believe) www.powerleap.com/ .

    CPUCool will oc the CPU & FSB. The other 2 programs will provide info, help keep the CPU Cool & will benchmark the results of your oc'ing. :grinthumb

    I'll go look up your specs at Compaq. I have a Compaq also & mine uses ICS PLL & I have 9250-16A as the 'model'. You'll see what I mean in CPUCool. ;)

    Have a good one & I'll be here if you need help,
  3. Cucumber

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    The program which most people use to get a points score for your PC is 3DMark2001, you can get this here:

    Ok first thing is to run this through once, when u have done this u will get a points score, its not out of anything but it gives u a begginning benchmark! Then use the progs. above and run it through again and see what ur new score is

    Cucumber ;)
  4. JAV

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    I agree that is the most common program for testing the latest systems abilities, because that is what it was designed for. Referee doesn't have that tho'. 3DMark2001 is a very stressful program. It is also very system oriented. I didn't mention it because I don't think that 600 is going to show much (oc'd or not) on it & don't honestly (not an expert here) think it would be wise to run it on a 600. Just my opinion. :) [maybe 3DMark2000]


    Is that a Pentium 3? I'm off to surf Compaq .... :grinthumb

    Have a good one all,
  5. JAV

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    I'm baack,

    Can't find a 7597, but found a 7598. This you ref?: http://athome.compaq.com/store/default.asp?&cpqsid=0J4PXEQ0W9SR2GJQ00AKHBU1ARA7AP7C

    Disclaimer & Warning
    I'll be happy to supply you with info, my 1st hand experience & opinion based on that, but you proceed at your own risk.

    Info: your 600P3 runs at a FSB of 100mhz. 600/100=6. The CPU 'multiplier' is therefore 6. Intel 'locked' that & you can't change it. You can increase FSB & that x the multiplier (6 here) is the 'new' speed. Increasing the FSB also increases the PCI since it is a %of the FSB (1/3 or 33%(mhz) in your case).

    Experience: Clocking over 36.3 on PCI caused my onboard audio to stop working. I have my 500Celeron @ 548 & have noticed a difference.

    Opinion: I think if you use CPUCool> PLL Mfg: ICS & "type" 9250-16B at the FSB:109 & PCI:36.3 you will achieve an oc to 654mhz.

    Warning: oc'ing DOES stress things & creates more heat thru the components affected. Be careful & start with the 1st steps above 100 BEFORE you advance up to the *possible* 109. OK, Ref?

    Nice safety feature of CPUCool is that *if* you do go too high: It will lock, but you un-plug the comp & upon reboot, your original settings will be back. ;) Take my word for it & don't try it tho'.

  6. referee

    referee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey guys , thanks for your help! 1 problem though; im a god damn noob to this stuff and some of ur lingo is real foreign to me. im going to try this out though; im a pretty quick learner, and see if i can fix up some stuff. my main problem is when i host" rogue spear" and my comp freezes all the time. well not a total freeze but a quick glitch! so i'll post later to let u know how i did.:)
  7. JAV

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    Go slow. Read the programs & ask ?'s if you're not sure.

    P3= Pentium 3

    FSB= Front Side Bus(it's in CPUCool)

    The rest will become evident as you open the programs & read their documentation.

    HIH, {hope I helped)
  8. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704


    I do have one quick comment on Compaq boards, everyone knows what I'm gonna say...

    They're usually stripped down versions of Intel boards, what I mean by that is that you won't be able to much stuff with them. Read here for a story on a Compaq board fiasco. You may not be able to do the following...
    You're going to have to use your BIOS (Basic In/Out System, something like that...) which is accessed by pressing DEL right after your computer beeps. There should be a category with CPU in the title somewhere, highlight that and press enter. Go on from there, it's pretty easy to figure out. Right now it's set on default, 600 MHz. As JAV stated this is 100MHz(FSB) x 6 (multiplier). Right now, my Pentium 3 450 (slow machine) won't support an FSB past 124 MHz. So I wouldn't take it up past that. If 124 doesn't run stable, restart and enter the BIOS again, and lower it a level. This will allow your computer to run at the maximum possible speed.
    OR this can all be avoided by simply running a program like CPUCool or SoftFSB.

    PS: JAV, an overclock of 54 MHz is barely an overclock :p It's just playing around. I o/ced my 450 to 558 and my 1.6 to 1.75 :p
  9. JAV

    JAV TS Rookie Posts: 210


    Del doesn't work on Compaq. :( Nothing to set, nothing to adjust. As you said:they're stripped down - all we get is the little oc's that CPUCool/FSB allow. :giddy:

    BTW: 600 to 654 is 9%, 1.6 to 1.75 is 9.03%. :p Keep crankin'. :cool:

    Have a good one V,
  10. Tedman

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    To get into the Compaq BIOS, you hit 'F10', Compaq bios's are the most useless piece of junk bios's ever manufactured known to every lifeless ***** that bought a Compaq. You'll notice that in the bios that you can't do jack or ****. Like jav said, theres still nothing to set, and nothing to adjust.
  11. Tedman

    Tedman TS Rookie Posts: 39

    No offence to everyone that bought a compaq.
  12. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    Tedman, a Compaq BIOS isn't useless, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I would call it ***** proof because it keeps *****s from mucking things up and wasting a technicians time that is better spent dealing with real problems rather than those caused by some ***** supply clerk who has too much time on his hands.

    What I'm trying to say here is that they are good for certain situations to keep people from messing things up but people who want to tinker and tweak things will only find a headache and from that they will develop a deep hatred for Compaq.
  13. Tedman

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    Wether not the owner is computer illiterate or not its still gonna be useless other than the fact its ***** proof. Its these Compaqs that make the computer illiterate stay illiterate. If people wanna get a computer that you can upgrade later, It should not be a Compaq. Compaqs will most likely end up in the closet within just a few years because you can't do much to it. Ok maybe Im ranting and raving, but if Compaq didn't exist our Computer technology would most likely be further than its at right now. For just about any computer illiterate, a problem with thier computer can usually be easily managed by a nearby 15 year old kid that has nothing better to do, and everyone knows that there are more kids that are computer literate these days anyway. That should prove that ***** proof devices should be banned for all eternity. As you can see I have a deep hatred for Compaq :mad:, but Storm is right, those darn ***** supply clerks will never stop.
  14. JAV

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    As the owner of a Compaq I can relate to both sides. ;)

    They are designed for the mass market. The majority of computer users do just that: they 'use' the product. *Some* of us (huge minority) tweek for added performance. Compaq evidently built for stability & doesn't want us 'tweeking'. If Intel didn't change to FC-PGA, FC-PGA2, 423 & 478 pin CPU's > we could upgrade our 'closet' machines. That wasn't Compaq's doing. Memory changes weren't either.

    For Ref, me & others: it is a pain, but I realize we are the minority. For us there are software programs like CPUCool, thank goodness. There is also excellent sites like this to find (hopefully safe) tweeks. Are we going to get the large gains like the 'programmable' components allow > prolly not. Can we find gains anyway, yes: it just requires different tactics. More, not less, literacy. :grinthumb

    I do blame Compaq & other mfg's for not having adapters available to upgrade, but I do realize that is a niche market & mfgs. are in it for their stockholder$. ;) We 'tweekers' really don't matter to them. I can say mine has been very stable & reliable. Blue screen of death is unknown to me, TG! As long as I only 'tweek' 3rd party components, I'm fine.

    It's not like this is a 50yr old industry & things don't change on a daily basis either. :)

    Just a little perspective from my edge of the coin,
  15. Vehementi

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    I'm gonna go edit my Word Association post now, if it's not too late! :cool:

    Bah! I would reccomend to any given Compaq owner to buy a new system board. The rest of the components are (mostly) fine, just not the sysbo. Compaq reminds me of middle school, where all the Macs (notice I didn't say 'computers') were locked down with a program called On Guard. There was one screen, with buttons for Clarisworks, Netscape and a few other useless programs :dead:

    But yes, in this situation, CPUCool and SoftFSB are needed. If they're even compatible :dead:
  16. deeppow

    deeppow TS Rookie

    several years ago one of my coworkers observed that if you made a program ***** proof then pretty soon guess who are running it? a good ***** will always figure a way round your safe guards.

    sorry, a slight diversion from the discussion there. :grinthumb
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