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Jul 11, 2008
  1. Wasnt sure if is the right place to post my question but I got a few that fit in this category :p

    1. Im kind of confused with the whole Intel vs AMD thing, what AMD processor is equivalent to a intel dual core for example. Is there like list where I can see them lined up in order?

    2. There are different types of dual cores for example, right? How do you know whats best? What the max ghz on a dual core?

    3. Theres tons of different companies selling PC's, what are some good ones today. I see a lot of eMachines, acers, gateways, dells, any of them good?

    Im not buying anything, just wondering...

  2. josephjosephson

    josephjosephson TS Rookie

    Unfortunately, comparing processors isn't like it used to be; in fact, not only have the done away with labeling processors by their speed in ghz, if you grab a bestbuy or any comparable circular, they don't even tell you the specific processor anymore, just something like 'dual core,' After heat and power consumption increased drastically as the cpu manufacturers tried pushing toward 3 ghz, they went down another route and started re-engineering the designs of their processors at their current speeds and manufacturing sizes.

    so you might want to do a little research if you do think of buying in the future. There's dual and quad core's now (and triple cores with AMD from what I understand) but I'm not sure as to the specifics; perhaps someone can elaborate.

    Personally I shy away from buying pre-fabbed comps and prefer building one myself, but if you're not familiar with doing so and have no interest in the literally hundreds of hours you'll put into research, familiarizing yourself with them, troubleshooting strange problems, etc., I'd stay away from it. I can't really recommend any company though as I'm really not too familiar with them. But one of the best things I can think of doing is looking up tech support problems and nightmare cases with the different companies. You don't want to fall into the same holes others have fell into. So, although again you said you're not buying, always google the models you have in mind (this goes for any tech product of course) and see what problems others have had.

    This is a little old, but still informative:
    choose the benchmark from the drop-down menu uptop

    For recent prices:
    also useful are the reviews and the buyers guide down the left hand side of the menu

    also, anandtech.com is a good website
  3. Exhonour

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    Thx for all the info :p Although I understand building your own system might be better, Im not qualified to do that correctly. Hardest ive done is switch things like power supplies, video cards, etc.
  4. josephjosephson

    josephjosephson TS Rookie

    np.....a cmon, it aint that bad ;) its fun too
  5. nickc

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    Exhonour, if u can hook the PSU up by reading the owners manual and install a CPU, which is easy, u can ask questions here and people will help, and u can build a computer. Hooking up the PSU and the start switch is about as hard as it gets. There are even sites that tell how to build. As josephjosphon said u will enjoy it and will have something u will be proud of when finished.
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