Custom Resolutions on Flat Panels

By P4 Titan Guy
Feb 24, 2008
  1. Hi Techspotters

    My first post here and I have a question for you all, possibly had this one before but can't find any references to it in the search.

    My question is this, how do I set a custom screeen resolution for my monitor, I want to set 1280 x 800 pix but very time I go to set it or any others I get:

    "can't set that res "

    or something like that, I have just upgraded from a Nvidea FX5500 and it [The Old Card] gave me no grief whatsoever to set that res, my next door neighbor has a laptop that also uses that res, I use CAD programs and it's important that a square when measured with a ruler on the screen is actually square, EG 300mm x 300mm in the software is also 300mm x 300mm physically measured to be accurate on the screen

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to get this problem when upgrading from CRT screens to flat panel wide screens, Video is OK, I can set that within the DVD app

    I'm currently running 1440 x 900 screen Res

    Steve from the Blue Mountains, Australia

    My PC Specs

    Pentium 4
    3.0G Processor
    1.0G Ram
    P4 Titan GA-81PE775
    240G HDD

    MSI GeForce MX7600GT Cooling Pipe Version [No Fan]
    Memory 512M
    Driver Nvidia
    Version 169.21 forceware winxp 32bit english

    XP Professional
    Service Pack 1a
    Directx 9C

    Viewsonic 22" LCD VX 2235wm
    Running 1440 x 900 screen Res

    Pioneer dvd-rw DVR-109
    LG DVD Rom

    80G Seagate HDD
    240G Maxtor SATA USB External HDD

    Logitech Wirless Keyboard & Mouse

    Realtech Fast Ethernet NIC

    Antec Case and 400W Power Supply

    Thanks Again in Advance !!
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    The native resolution of your 22" Viewsonic monitor is 1680x1050. If you're doing CAD, you should really have it set at its native resolution (which is also the highest is supports). It is so much sharper, clearer and gives you far more viewing area. I can't imagine (happily) doing CAD at such a low res as 1280x800. It's going to be blurry and pixelated and everything will be huge. :\

    So, first, I would try to get used to higher resolutions first. If you can't get used to 1680x1050 on a 22" monitor (impaired vision?) or if you need a custom resolution for special purpose, then you might be able to do it by modding your driver INF. Here is a link to something that may be of assistance: . If that doesn't work, it should put you on the right track at least, but that is how I would assume it could be done.
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