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Nov 19, 2004
  1. Okay, as my name suggests, I am a newbie at this. I am somewhat computer literate but try to speak in layman's terms please...lol. Ok here's the deal. I bought a used computer (no windows boot disk). I have (or had) XP Professional. Hubby was home from Iraq and was playing around. All of a sudden my HP boots to the HP screen, then goes to windows XP screen and just cycles back between the two. Augh!! Any suggestions?? I have gotten a winsys error and when I downloaded and ran the windows floppy boot disks, I got an ntfs.sys error. I have run a utility program to see if the hard drive is bad but it detects partitions, FATS, etc. so that means it isn't the HD, right? Any suggestions at all would be GREATLY appreciated. I had a lot of info on that computer and yes, I know....that is the value of backups but I didn't back anything up. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks.
  2. virexmachina

    virexmachina TS Rookie

    Ok, so the computer already has WindowsXP on it?
    If so, try:
    • Boot with the WindowsXP CD in the drive
    • If it asks to boot from CD, do so
    • Run the "Repair installation" option

    Maybe that will work.
  3. poertner_1274

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    For complete instructions have a look here. That is a very good guide.
  4. donthatethenewb

    donthatethenewb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    both would be great suggestions if I had the XP CD which, as I said, I don't have. any other thoughts?
  5. virexmachina

    virexmachina TS Rookie

    Ah, you said you didnt have a boot disk. I was assuming you meant the Floppy boot disk.

    Does someone you know have an XP CD? I dont think that would be considered piracy seeing as how you already own it.

    Other than that.... I'm at a loss.
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