DC30 Plus problems

By whtddusy516
Jul 26, 2005
  1. Ok, I have had many problems with this device. When i had gotten it it was in a computer fully functional already. That computer had died on me so i had put it into a newer (not new, it was from 2000) computer that was running. It was running properly, for instance the frame rate on it was not stable, and some of the color was messed up. Would the fact that i didnt have Adobe Premier installed have to do with it? I updated it to the latest version and it had gotten better but it still wasnt as functional as it was in the other computer. So I had given up on it and installed WinXP onto my computer (it was running on Win98) only to find out that Pinnacle isnt supporting WinXP but Win95/98 and 2k were. So i went to 2k and installed the drivers off of the Pinnacle website. After installing that it had said insert the disk (which was given with the product when bought) and it was trying to find some sort of file from it so i searched the disk for it and installed it. After instlalation it rebooted and I started up the program to get a Hardware not installed/found message. Now I havnt touched it since i put it in the new computer so im not sure what the problem is. Any help would be great. Thanks
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