DELL C610 does not boot - trying to flash the bios chip

By risck
Feb 21, 2006
  1. I disassembled the laptop in order to test some components of an other C610, which is not booting at all.

    When I reassembled the system, I made a test without some peripherals (HDD, sound system, CD, battery). I entered BIOS-setup in order to set Time and Date. I leaved setup by powering off.

    When I had completed reassembling, the laptop does not boot without the HDD, which is password-protected. When I start it with the protected HDD, it is shutting off. The DELL splash screen is showing for a short moment with "BIOS revision A05" and corresponding messages: "Preparing to enter setup..." or "Preparing one-time boot menu..." when the F2- or F12-key was hit.

    It seems to an issue with the bios.

    I think, the first step is flashing the bios to A16. However the diskette-drive is recognized, but the flash program does not start. The service CD does not even start. The HDD does not start. Next I will try with the USB-flash program.

    Unfortunately the flash binary data are built in the bios-flash exe-file. In order to flash the bios externally, I need the binary data.

    Can anyone help?

  2. risck

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    It was the standby switch/reed contact

    The system did in fact boot with an external display. In the DELL Community Forum I receiced the hint to the standby switch. It is the reed contact on the Power LED assembly, the glass had been crashed and the contacts where closed.

    Exchanging the assembly solved the problem. The contact is even available in local electronics store.

  3. usefool

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    hi there !

    i'm in need ! i have to change the boot order in dell latitude CSx. so i need a master password for tag # 614230J-595B

    i will be mega-gratefull for hepl with this password

    thanks in advance !
  4. Tedster

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