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Sep 6, 2004
  1. Hi< I am brand new on this site. I have a Dell 4500S, 2 years old with a CD Rom drive that just quit. The transport works, but the drive will not read a cd. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

  2. Goalie

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    In windows, are you able to see the CD Rom drive??

    Does your bios detect the drive on Startup?? (You may have to press esc or tab to see the bios startup sequence instead of the dell splash screen).

    Is the problem limited to a certain CD or two? Or is it ALL cds?

    Also, what operating system?

    You can probably replace this drive pretty cheaply, but you may want to be sure this isn't a Windows issue or misconfig.
  3. jkwmarin

    jkwmarin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Goalie, thank you for your reply. I am running XP home edition OS. It appears that the CD drive won't read any CD. I hear a click and then get a screen that says my file was not backed up that I was trying to backup at the time. I also tried a plain music CD. Also no luck there. I am not sure about your questions about "seeing" the drive in Windows, or detecting it on startup. Thanks again.
  4. StormBringer

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    by "seeing" the drive, he means does it show up in Device Manager, and in "My Computer"
    Also try a bootable CD to see if it works outside the OS. You can also check the BIOS to see if the CD drive is listed there.

    You can try reseating the IDE and power cables for the drive and see if that helps. If it still won't read discs, you probably have a dead CD drive. If it is under warranty, call tech support(they will have you go through the same stuff I mentioned, just play along, they may also want you to run a diagnostic which is a waste of time on a CD drive, just tell them it won't run) they'll then replace the drive. If it isn't under warranty, go buy a new drive.
  5. jkwmarin

    jkwmarin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you StormBringer for your post. I think the CD rom drive is just dead. Sorry I don't know how to do the markings over the o and the n in your name.
  6. Goalie

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    jkwmarin.. tell us this. If you go to "my Computer" in windows, do you see the CD rom drive listed in those icons?
  7. metagengoad

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    Same problem.... same Dell System... :unch:
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