DELL D600. Both batteries fail to charge.

By Steve2a
Dec 19, 2006
  1. Hi

    I recently got a second-hand Dell Latitude D600. The battery was already charged when I got it but it wouldn't recharge at all. I assumed the battery was a gonna and eventually bought a brand new one. However this won't charge up either. I can still run the laptop from the battery (as long as there is some charge left in it). At the moment I'm having to use the AC mostly.

    I suspected it may be a BIOS problem, but thats now been flashed. I've tried all kinds of combinations (AC power up, then battery in etc) but nothing. The new battery works as I've been able to charge it on a relatives laptop.

    I'm stumped. Any advise you wise people can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    SPEC: DELL latitude D600. Windows XP. Battery type: Dell Li-ion Capacity 57WH M9014

    Thanks for any help.


    Sorry I've just joined here so I hope I posted this in the right place.
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