Dell E510 motherboard issue with Antec 2.0 500W PSU

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Jul 19, 2007
  1. I recently upgraded my PSU to the Antec 2.0 500W on my Dell E510 that many have recommended. I plugged it into my motherboard, and my computer would freeze before it reached the blue dell logo screen. I turned it off and decided to connect the fan speed indicator cable from the PSU to what I thought was the appropriate 3 pin plug on the motherboard. Well it created a constant beep and so I turned my computer off. Now, the computer does not turn on at all, even though the motherboard does have a green light. I assume the PSU still works, but did I fry my motherboard?? Do I need to get a new one?? If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, thanks!!
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    Many Dell systems use a proprietary wired supply. You might have damaged the motherboard by using this Antec supply in a Dell computer
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    You mentioned that "many" advised yo to upgrade your PSU. Who are these persons? Was it a professional or some computer-hobbyist friends? I'm curious as to why you needed to change your PSU.

    Did the new PSU match the specs for your system?

    I doubt connecting the fan speed indicator caused your MoBo to fry. But I believe that if your PSU is out of spec for your system, a default electronic interlock has been enabled. What I mean is, a fuse may have blown or a relay/switch has toggled to prevent damage to the MoBo. The fact the MoBo has a light that comes on is an encouraging sign.

    You can try calling Dell Hardware Support. This particular call centre is in India!
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    same problem

    I'm having a similar problem with my computer, a Dell E510. The computer freezes before it reaches the Dell logo. Have you called Dell? What do they suggest? Because I dont know what should I do now.
    I have this computer for one year, when the warranty, 3 days after the warranty expired the computer started with this problem.
    And its so difficult to use the Dell help desk.

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    I'd still call Dell and plead for some free hardware support. Just because the problem started the wekk after your hardware warranty expired doesn't mean you still can't get free support. These deadlines aren't taken literally.

    I used to work at a Dell call centre and we extended deadlines routinely. I worked in at the software/systems helpdesk we would get situations where we would extend a deadline or provide assistance in unusual situations.

    Worst thing they could say is no.
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