Dell E510 won't turn on

By newguy01
Jun 16, 2008
  1. I have had this problem for awhile now. Before I could just mess with it a little bit and it would randomly turn back on. Well, I had to turn it off 2 days ago and move it somewhere else and of course it wouldn't start. I got the usual blinking amber LED. I heard a solution for some people was that a USB port shorted and it stops it from starting up. I happen to have a broken USB port. The problem is yesterday I was unplugging it and taking cords out of the back, I also took out the Mobo battery thing and put it back in, which is what I had done before. After awhile of this, the LED wouldn't even blink Amber anymore, so I can't check to see if the USB is causing the problem. Is it possible that by unplugging and plugging it back in so many times I really messed up the PSU? However, the Mobo light stays a normal steady green whenever I have the PC plugged in, making me think it isn't the PSU.

    Sorry for wall of text, any replay would be appreciated, I have read many threads about this problem with many different solutions. It isn't an easy problem to fix.
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    Follow this guide first:

    There appear to be a number of people pointing to failure of the front usb/audio control panel and/or power button. Part#'s- front bezel (includes power button)- X8637, control panel - X8682 (you should independantl;y confirm the part numbers).

    It appears the control panel could be disconnected for troubleshooting purposes. The power button could also be disconnected - having never done this, someone else will have to advise you on how to start the comp with it disconnected.



    edit: the other prevailing suggestion is, with the unit unplugged, to switch the voltage selector fully to 220 then back to 110. Apparently these switches can 'migrate' a bit.
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    Thanks for the replay CCT

    I have tried that Dell Diagnostic setup before but I still couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. However, I was reading through more threads today and found a solution. I had to connect the green and black wires going from the PSU to the motherboard with a paper clip in the plastic part that where it plugs into the mobo. When I did this I could hear the PSU power up, I then pressed the power button and it turned on right away. It is working fine and I can take out the paper clip with it on and it will work. The power button does work as it will turn the machine off, but if I try to turn it on again without paper clip, I get no signs of life at all except for mobo light. I don't mind starting it like this all of the time if it will get it to work, but if I don't get a new PSU will it cause other pieces to malfunction?
  4. CCT

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    Sounds like it is the power switch, NOT the PSU, that is having problems (like I read).

    A replacement bezel and switch is about $20 on EBay.
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