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Nov 3, 2008
  1. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Newbie here -

    Dell Latitude X1

    After about 2 years of very little use of the model #PD01S EXTERNAL DRIVE its not functioning properly - You can hear the disc spin as normal and the drive light comes on as normal and then shuts off soon after..The icon does not show up either anymore.

    I see there are a few threads on simiar problems, but was wondering if I could get help as well...I was not cool with deleting drivers just in case that created more problems...

    In one thread, a guy got help by removing a driver from the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers...under main heading, I have Intel(r) 82801FB/FBM Ultra storage contollers - 266F
    Primary IDE controllers

    So, I didnt want to just start deleting without knowing what I was doing..
    Any thoughts, is it normally the drive?
  2. kimsland

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  3. 07vette

    07vette TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any of this information helpful?
    Here are the scan Results
    Latitude X1
    Family Name Latitude
    Family Model X1
    Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Version A05
    Vendor Dell Inc.
    Date 2005-12-25
    Model Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.10GHz
    Speed 1.1 Ghz
    Cache Size 2048 Kb
    Hard Drive
    Drive Size Free Space Utilized
    C: 27.9 Gb 4.08 Gb 85 %

    Sound Card
    Model SigmaTel C-Major Audio
    Card Slots
    Slot ID Designation Usage
    System Slot 0 PCMCIA 0 Available
    System Slot 1 MiniPCI Available

    USB Controlers
    Name Version
    Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 2658 USB
    Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 2659 USB
    Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 265A USB
    Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 265B USB
    Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 265C USB2

    Video Adapters
    Model Memory
    Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family 128 Mb

    Total 1280 Mb
    Available 46 %

    Slot Size Speed Type
    Slot 1 256 Mb 400 Mhz Unknown
    Slot 2 1024 Mb 533 Mhz Unknown

    Available Slots 0
  4. kimsland

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    Well not really !

    Except I noticed that you should remove Slot 1 256 Mb 400 Mhz
    And then put your 1024 Mb 533 Mhz Ram card into Slot 1 (ie move it from Slot 2)
    Then, just leave the 256Meg card out. Seeming it's likely slowing your computer down!

    Anyway, you need to run the Diagnostics on the HardDrive (ideally mounted inside a PC as the diagnostics run much better from there)
  5. 07vette

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    Well, it looks as if the drive and (or cable) is in-op after all, I am having them
    send me a new one after updated drivers didnt work. I was still covered surprisingly enough!

    But, I went to Dell support...Staying in the Halloween spirit - it was a nightmare!!
    I gave the ok for a tech to remotely connect and work on the unit, I was watching him as he was deleting driver after driver in the ROOT HUB, im thinking, Im no tech, but my research tells me this aint right..IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers more likely thanks to you Kimsland and further googling. He rebooted once and tried a second time, of course it would not boot again,he almost wiped out my harddrive, (as per what the second tech told me anyway) He did not even have the courtesy to call me when he killed my puter', it took another hour to connect to Salt Lake city, YES! someone I can understand, thank you!!..Now its 4 and a half hours later after, I was able to get back in the system and ran a very cool little sfcscannow recovery and I was able to save the information on my harddrive...

    What a day, looks like my drive situation is handled, but not before I had a nice little Dell scare..
    Thanks Varun1_145032 at Dell for killing my puter and not giving a crap!

    And thanks for helping me on this forum, I wanted to update you as you were very helpful to me..Mahalo, from Maui..Dan
  6. kimsland

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    I didn't want them to take over support for you! :(

    Very sorry to hear the sad and slow support process of this sales company
    Originally it would have looked promising I'm sure

    Maybe TechSpot could have a remote assistance help service :) But not sure if that would be free though.
  7. 07vette

    07vette TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Lets do it!

    With connectivity software and the clients permission, this site could make a fortune..I'll split it with ya, Dan
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