Dell Laptop E1505 not starting

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Hello friends,

This is my first post in TECHSPOT, hope all are good.

My exact problem is already present in this thread

Wish the mods had kept it open for further discussion.

Here is my version of the problem:
My laptop is little more than 3 years old (Dell Inspiron e1505)
I went to turn it on, and it would not start up.
Instead, it would power on and the screen would say black.
The fan would come on the power light would come on. Also,
the number lock and scroll lock lights would blink, and the caps lock
light was solid. I could hear the hard drive thinking about starting up.
This would last about 30 seconds, and then it would power off.
I read around the internet and found a solution, which was to
"reseat the memory". I took the bottom access panel off the memory
and took the chips out of the A and B slots. I then put them back in
securely and made sure they were in.

Still nothing happened, then it strike me that either if one of the memory cards had failed, but I was wrong, I took both cards out and inserted one card in slot A and left other open and started it started , means one RAM was good, then did the same with other card, inserted it in Slot A and started it too worked, Now my problem is I feel there might be something wrong with slot B.

Usually this problem I encounter whenever I change the position of my laptop, for eg, If I do some cleaning on my laptop then this blinking of scroll ,caps lights and not starting problem occurs, the solution known to me was to leave the laptop unattended for about 1-2 hours and after 1-2 hours it automatically used to start, but now its headache for me to keep the laptop like this, since today morning I am trying after every half an hour but all I get is blinking, was not able to use my Night unlimited on BSNL ;-(

Now after going through above thread on my PC, i have installed only one ram in my laptop and now it is working.

My query is is there anyway to find out whether the slot B of ram is working or not. Some one please help me.


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Run MemTest86 for four hours or 7 passes, whichever is longer... one memory module at a time... but you already have most of your answer, do you not?
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But sir mmmm, I think the problem lies with slot B, because individual memory cards when installed in slot A , works fine, but whenever I put card in slot B the blinking starts,

anyways will surely download memtest86 and run it tonight ,


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Could be.
Do you have access to a very strong light, and a strong magnifying glass to examine for dust, dirt or corrosion? Burned spots? Anything unusual whatsoever.

Sometimes when a memory module files, there is a flash of heat, and there is a remaining shiny metal or burnished spot.

If it is only dirt or crud, you can clean it with Dust Off or equivalent. Otherwise, it is probably not fixable except by replacing the motherboard, then then requires a repair install of Windows.
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Thank you sir,

But I too think that dust might be the reason because in this house there is lot of dust, I tried doing it with vacuum cleaner still of no use,one day will open up whole laptop and use vaccum cleaner, even vacuum cleaner is not blowing the stuck dust, quite hell of dusty area I live might be. As recently located to different area and all problems started.


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Vaccum cleaners generate a great deal of static electricity... one of the most dangerous household tools to use on a computer. Use treated air... Dust Off, for instance, is treated with difluoroethane gas which supresses static electricity.
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