Dells are annoying, Please help!

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Jul 30, 2005
  1. Ugh I hate Dells. I changed cases and a hd and some other stuff. I cant figure out what plug the power, power led, hd led etc... fits into. Im not sure what info yall need to help me out here but, the motherboard says Dell REV - Ao2. I think this number is the motherboard?... 02Y832

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    I found the mobo model number. Dell Computer Corp: 02Y832. The connector on the motherboard thats in the dell owners manual is called "control panel connector (J7J2). I bought a new case and the power plugs are all seperate. Ive tried everything to get it to power up, but nothing!
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    You can make it work, but you have to know where to plug the power switch. You can use CPUz to tell you what motherboard you have, but you need to power-up first. It's A Intel board and you can download the Intel manual to show you the pin connectors--at least that worked with old Dells.
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    sorry, in order to post links or images i have to have at least 5 posts.. so i'm doing it here because i want to post the image that will explain the pinouts for the j7j9 connector... so here it goes... 1
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    here's post # 2
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    here's post #3
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    here's post #4
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    aaaand... post # 5, the next will FINALLY be the image with the pinouts....
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