Did my iPad die?


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Fully recharged it earlier today, used it at noon PST no problem, sitting here this evening I heard the email notifier sound, picked it up, lifted the lid on it but it did not go to the desktop :( like normal. I pushed the home button to go to desktop but still nothing. Pushed the power on/off button , nothing. Plugged it in to see if it would recharge, nothing. Anyway to get my pictures/videos off it?? #Help please.I think its an ipad 1, a few years old. Oddly enough, my iphone 4s still works great for pictures & web surfing.


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Ok, an update. I tried a forced reboot & it showed the battery was dead so I plugged it in, pushed the power & home button again & its been showing the apple logo & red battery icon for a few minutes.


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Which version Ipad do you have, its hard to figure out where the problem might be coming from.


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Oddly enough, it just came back to the desktop so I'm saving ALL my pics & videos to my W10 desktop. It shows 7% battery.
Version I think is 9.3.5 (13G36).


Thanks @MaikuTech & @jobeard , ts back to 100% & with crossed fingers, I hope it lives for a couple more years :)
To manage battery drain, I recommend:
  • disable or remove widgets; they run all the time in background
  • make sure Location Services are only used where you need them AND then set them to Only When Active