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By mephisto_007
Feb 6, 2006
  1. Hey guyz how do you disable Alt+F4 command in Registry or Edit Policy? I've done a search on it but find nothing only led to other by installing a software or program, which I do not planning to use it...

    Thx in adv
  2. cozofdeath

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  3. mephisto_007

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    Ahh suck that' we cannot disable from Registry or Editor, so that meant I have to installed another software just to disable alt+f4 :( thank btw...

    Hmm I don't know if I wanted to open another thread (since I open more than 2 already today) so I would like to ask this quick question... How do I totally disable DESKTOP from user, the reason I ask this is my Internet Software is already blocking desktop, drives and other stuff... BUT if someone (or even me) open an Internet Explorer and type in "DESKTOP" on the address bar then the Desktop will become visible to the user again, and he/she could easily create folder, files or even batch files to run any programs he wants... I do not like to see it happen at all...
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