Disk read error occurred


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Hello guys, I need help.

Just last week, I noticed my pc suddenly freezes in the middle of a movie or while playing a game, at first I thought it was just lag or something, till I realized it was my hard drive somehow failing.

I have two harddrives on my pc, main is 320G and a slave drive of 2tb. most of my files were saved on the slave drive (I only have the system files on the master drive), and upon checking with a hard drive tool I noticed that my 2tb drive had some bad sectors in them (that's where the game and the movies were located, so.. figures)

I did a checkdisk utility and also reinstalled the game to the masterdrive just to be sure, was planning to back up the slave drive *but 2tb is hard to back up huhu*

anyway, just a couple of hours ago, my pc suddenly restarted showing the "disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart" message, and goes on a loop, never entering the windows page.

most of the sites I have visited says that usually this is caused by a failing hard disk. I am appalled to hear that both of my hard drives have failed at almost the same time. Upon checking with the hdd utility my master drive seemed to be in a healthy state and didn't have any warning signs of a failing hard drive.

What are the ways I could remedy this? and what caused this issue? is this coincidence that both drives failed at the same time, or something else is making the drives fail?

Please help???

My pc is working on a windows 7 platform.
with 2 hard drives.