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Disney reveals pricing and launch details of its streaming service, will have every episode...

By midian182 · 19 replies
Apr 12, 2019
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  1. It was way back in 2017 when Disney first announced it would be launching a streaming service to compete against the likes of Netflix. Last November, we learned that it would go by the name Disney+ and arrive with new and exclusive Marvel and Star Wars series.

    Now, Disney has revealed pricing and launch details at an investor event. $6.99 per month is certainly competitive—almost half the cost of Netflix’s standard $13 per month plan.

    Streaming services can live or die based on their content, but it appears Disney+ will have plenty to entice consumers. Disney can call on its catalog of current Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars franchises—Captain Marvel will be an exclusive on launch day—as well as new shows including live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. There's also a slew of Marvel properties to look forward to: a Falcon & Winter Soldier spinoff show; WandaVision, in which Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprise their roles as Scarlet Witch and Vision, respectively; and the unnamed Loki series starring Tom Hiddleston.

    Subscribers will also be able to watch 5,000 episodes of the Disney Channel’s TV series and 100 of its original movies. But the biggest announcement came at the end of the event when it was revealed Disney+ would be “the exclusive streaming-video-on-demand home of The Simpsons.” All 30 seasons of the animated show will be available from day one.

    Disney said it expects to have 60 million to 90 million subscribers worldwide for the service by the end of 2024.

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  2. Squid Surprise

    Squid Surprise TS Evangelist Posts: 2,545   +1,536

    I wonder how long it remains $6.99 for.... and what happens in Canada, as we already have Simpsons on Crave - I assume Crave's rights will be ending in November...
  3. stewi0001

    stewi0001 TS Evangelist Posts: 2,195   +1,617

    My guess is that Disney will low ball for awhile to get more subscribers. As for Crave, depends on their contract agreement.
  4. HyPeroxya

    HyPeroxya TS Enthusiast Posts: 86   +10

    Simpsons on Ch4 UK ... looking very tired these days. Yeah disney can suck up the losses at £6.99 until they bleed Netflix dry. Personally I would prefer Netflix to win this battle, DisNey are the NVidia of streaming (?)
    Mjswooosh and lumbeeman like this.
  5. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,385   +3,775

    More likely you're correct. Keep the price low to suck 'em in then let 'em have it! That's what Youtube TV has done and while their viewing content has improved, a total increase of $15 in less than 18 months isn't going over well. I hope we will see some "real" numbers on their gains and losses.

    If our wonder FCC were on the ball they would be challenging these price increases, particularly since there has been very little infrastructure improvement and because of their large size, they are in position to negotiate more heavy handed with the producers .....
    Mjswooosh likes this.
  6. Christiaaan

    Christiaaan TS Enthusiast Posts: 30   +26

    70 per year sounds good but unless they have DBZ or DBS and non disney movies not worth it for me, I'll stick to my free hulu from sprint.
    lumbeeman likes this.
  7. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,964   +1,229

    7 bucks a month for ANYTHING associated with Disney is 7 bucks too much. They low ball the price, like a crack dealer, hook you, then jack up the price, hoping your tiny monster children will throw a fit if you drop it.
    Mjswooosh, lumbeeman and indiferenc like this.
  8. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Evangelist Posts: 1,237   +895

    I can't remember when I stopped watching the Simpsons.
  9. indiferenc

    indiferenc TS Booster Posts: 47   +51

    Fuq disney
    lumbeeman likes this.
  10. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,972   +2,275

    No thanks. I'll get Captain Marvel from my local library on Blu-ray, and I have never watched the Symptoms, and never will.

    Any "exclusive" content like The Mandelorian, if it is any good, will likely be released on disk because Dicksney simply cannot resist the money making opportunity.

    So, I'm set.

    With the limited, basically Dicksney only, content, I highly doubt Netflix has anything to worry about. I am sure there will be people who will subscribe, and I bet that at least some parents will subscribe to this for their children, so who knows whether it will be successful. I am right there with everyone that the cost is a lure until they start raising prices.
    Mjswooosh and lumbeeman like this.
  11. poohbear

    poohbear TS Maniac Posts: 295   +208

    Netflix is a $154 billion company, bigger than Nvidia's $115 billion. Pretty sure they'll manage fine, but they might hafta drop their price to compete.
  12. kapital98

    kapital98 TS Guru Posts: 324   +256

    Netflix will be fine. The biggest problem is for Hulu. Disney currently owns a share of Hulu and is stealing the Simpsons (and probably a bunch of other shows) from being Hulu exclusives in the US.
  13. DeLoreanQC

    DeLoreanQC TS Rookie

    Pro : Lots of interesting new shows
    Cons : It's Disney. Welcome to the brainwash community...
  14. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,063   +186

    I have a feeling netflix will stomp out disney very easily, disney isn't the same company like it use to be eons ago.
  15. fktech

    fktech TS Maniac Posts: 526   +138

    Nice! Bye Netflix!
  16. Mjswooosh

    Mjswooosh TS Rookie

    LOL Dream on.
  17. fktech

    fktech TS Maniac Posts: 526   +138

    Bye for me, not the rest of the world.
  18. kira setsu

    kira setsu TS Addict Posts: 135   +114

    I wonder if these companies realize that creating multiple variants of the same thing will just keep pirates busy?

    I dont mind paying for my content but when a newbie comes along and screws up the old guard which makes it harder for me to watch something I get really annoyed.

    its all digital anyways, I wanna take the highground but when all these subs end up costing more than the old beast of cable they'll push a bunch of reformed pirates back into the digital seas.
  19. HyPeroxya

    HyPeroxya TS Enthusiast Posts: 86   +10

    Never mess wid da Mouse, they'll wreck yo House! :scream:
  20. willhen50

    willhen50 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I read that to keep the costs down they were going to introduce commercials in some programs or put ad banners then prevent AD BLOCKERS to be used and/or sell collected metadata for other services to use. Be sure to read the disclaimer carefully. Many people accept services without reading and then complain about their discovery afterwards. Other streaming services already do the same thing and some (NETFLIX) are looking into it.

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