Dlink DCS-1000 Remote View

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I am attempting to setup my Dlink DCS-1000 Internet camera, at work, so I can view images from my small business at home.

The camera connects directly to a Dlink router, DI604, which in turn connects to a Dlink DFE-530TX card located in my Pentium IIII machine. (The Pentium computer is using Windows XP Pro, and has 1Gb or Ram). Also I am using a SpeedStream 5100 DLS modem to connect to my SBC account, the modem is also connected to the router. (My Internet connection is automatically active, soon after the computer and router are turned on).

According to what the manual says, it should be fairly simple to access my camera from the Internet once I follow the below steps.

I have entered into my browser to access the setup utility for the camera. Then I click on Administration and enter the information for a PPPoE connection, (user Id and password). According to what the manual says, my Internet camera will get an IP Address from the ISP each time it starts up And yes I did check the field labled “Assign Automatically Using.” My first question is:

How do I know what the IP address is that is being assigned to this camera?

When I look at the status tab, it still displays the IP address as

Also, directly below the set of fields asking for the PPPoE information, is another set of fields asking for information regarding DNS IP Address. My second question is:

Do I need to fill in this info, and if so, where do I find this information?

I will very much appreciate any advice on this topic.
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