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My girlfriend logs on with her user name (Mary) at the XP Pro welcome screen. Hers is the only user name shown. In Control Panel/Windows Accounts she is listed as the only user.

In Windows Explorer (C:/Documents and Settings) there are four folders:

1. All Users
2. Config.msi (empty)
3. Default User
4. Ex-husband’s name (it used to be his computer, so somehow he is still around)

All the user data of my girlfriend is actually saved in folder four. Also:

a) At the top of the Windows Explorer tree the ‘My Documents folder’ points to Ex-husband’s ‘My Documents’ folder.

b) Later in the tree there is another folder called ‘Mary’s Documents’ which also points to Ex-husband’s ‘My Documents’ folder and contains the same files.

So my questions are:

1. Can I safely change folder four to my girlfriend's name? Should/can this be done in Windows Explorer, or somewhere else?

2. Can/should I delete the folder called ‘Mary’s Documents’ which simply reproduces the files in Ex-husband’s ‘My Documents’.

3. Can I safely delete the folders ‘All Users’ and ‘Default User’, which do not contain my girlfriend’s user data?

4. Can I safely delete the empty ‘Config.msi’ folder?

5. I would like to keep the ‘My Documents’ folder which shows at the top of the folder tree as it is convenient for my girlfriend to find.

I hope this makes sense. Any suggestions much appreciated.


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1) I wouldn't, but it can probably be done...it's hard to redirect those stupid Windows links. You could create your own shortcut to "Mary's Documents", copy the contents of the ex-husband's folder to the Mary's documents, then you should be able to delete it.

2) For safety's sake I wouldn't, but you could give it a shot...;) (or do what I said above)

3)No, they are default folders that WIndows uses for some mysterious purposes.

4)Definitely not!

5)Go to theeldergeek.com to find a registry hack which will let you delete the My Documents folders. Then add the new shortcut above.

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I think I'd tackle this by backing up ALL of my data, logging onto to the PC in safe mode as the administrator, then Control Panel, Users and remove every user excep the administrator and 'Delete Files' when prompted. Then creat a new account called Mary. Restart the PC, log on as Mary and put the data back. Default User, Config.msi and All Users should be left well alone. They are core Windows files. Regards.
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