Driver irql not less or equal and page fault in nonpaged area

By yukizu
Nov 23, 2005
  1. Driver irql not less or equal and page fault in nonpaged area
    I Have the same problem as LeTecher, but iam unable to get the mini dumps at this time, if somebody could hlep me get it fixed i would be glad as nothing has been installed recently. or updated
    i will put the dumps on asap
    the blue screen happens random
    and also my computer cuts the power off and have to unplug everthing.

    AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+ sp2
    1.68GHz , 512MB of RAM
  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994


    The cullprit is faulty motherboard. Are you using on-board video?
  3. yukizu

    yukizu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i dont know, how do i find that out?
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