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DVD Audio Recorder

By jtickner1
Jan 2, 2008
  1. Hi, On one of my music DVD's i own there is a rare song that is only on that DVD not on any CD's or anything so i can't really get it in my music library.

    I've tried a few DVD audio ripping programs but they don't find the title or chapter it is on, i think this is due to the fact that the song is part of the menu. You click on it and it just opens another menu with background music, not an actual track or video.

    If anyone could tell me of a program that records the audio that your computer is making that would be good cause that is the only way i can think of getting it, i have done this with the default Windows Sound Recorder at school but i don't know how to do it at home, as it did this automatically at school.

    *If this is illegal in anyway just lock this thread or whatever*

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