DVD Burner/ Comp Shut Down?

By Neri1983
Feb 16, 2007
  1. Hello, I need some help please.

    When I try to burn a DVD using Nero 7 or VSO convertor about 5-10% of the way through my computer just shuts off. This also happens alot when I have been playing an old CM game. I have checked the power options and everything is set to 'Never'.

    I have checked whats in the 'Windows Task Manager' and the CPU Usage is at 100% when burning and the fan gets louder, the commit charge(k)?? is rising and i have 63 processess running. Does this offer any insight?

    This is using my E: Drive as my D: Drive does not respond anymore with CD's or DVD's. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

    Thanks for any replies, they are appreciated.
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