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Nov 15, 2005
  1. What is a program that lets you burn movie dvd's? I have heard of dvd copy x but that it was pulled from the market. Any others out there to backup my movies?
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    There are several out there some freewae adn some you have to pay for. DVD shrink and DVD Decrypter are two freeware programs. but they are discontinued and are not being updated. of the pay for programs I prefer the combo of CloneDVD2 (from elaborateBytes or slysoft) and AnyDVD. CloneDVD2 does the transcoding and burning but does not bypass any copy protections. ( which is why the program is legal.) AnyDVD is installed and runs in the background and strips copy protections from movies or audio CD's on the fly. you can get the combo of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD at slysoft.com and if you buy them together you get a discount.
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    Thank You for the input
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    Any One Knows How To Convert Svcd To Dvd???

    I use copytoDVD for copying ripped dvd files to disk works great, and i use dvd shrink to ripp DVDs, I need some help finding software that will convert perfect SVCD to DVD??
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    You just need some software that will burn dvds or author them at least. Nero will do this.

    SVCD is the same file format as SVCD, so put in the svcd and find the dir (I cant remember off the top of my head) that has the .dat or .mpg file in it that is large (600-830ish megs) and copy that to your hd. Then you don't need to do any converting, just use whatever program you build dvds with to add the files you took off the svcds.
  6. jermaine2000

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    ok i know the .dat fileon a SVCD are u saying when u builds a DVD just drag it into the authoring program, Nero didnt do it for me u know any other programS?
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