Dx10 or 7900gt (new stable evga AR one)

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Jul 22, 2006
  1. I am going nuts, now that a normal 7900gt is out...I am very tempted to get one. What should I do? Should I wait for Dx10 cards? Will these Dx10 cards be able to play counter-strike and my old games with good performance? Or am I better off buying a 7900gt now and selling it or passing it down to my brother later in a year or so?

    Another question; if I did buy the 7900gt, would I have to reformat my computer to install it, being that I have an x300...or would DriverCleanerPro be enough?

    Opinions and help needed and wanted! Thanks guys.
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    I`m only going to deal with your question above. This is due to the fact I don`t play games and therefore I`m not in a position to advise you on the rest of your questions.

    You wouldn`t have to reformat your computer. DriverCleanerPro would definitely be enough.

    Other members will be able to help you with the rest of your questions.

    At least your thread has now been bumped back to the top of the forums lol.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    DX10 and good DX10 cards that will be worth upgrading to will take time to come out and become the standard, and this will take around a year or more. Get the 7900GT now and then get a new one if it's proved to be reliable and more worthy of ur money than ur "old" 7900GT.
    As for the rest of ur questions, DX10 will have software support for DX9 so games will run but they will not utilise the card's hardware to render the game but they will run through a software layer. The worst part is that if u wanna run a DX10 game, u will need to use Vista, since DX10 will only be supported by Vista.
  4. kirock

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    Yeah, you should probably buy the 7900gt now and forget about DX10 for awhile. As Rage pointed out DX10 will be available ONLY with the new windows OS......Vista (which is not due out until Dec/06 or Jan/07). My prediction is that Vista will be like the Win95 release, a huge leap forward for M$ but an OS plagued with bugs. Upgrade/fixs will be released one after the other for the next year or more after it's release.

    Meanwhile games like CS or CS:S have not even been redesigned to work with DX10 protocol and video hardware. In fact ALL games will have to be rewirtten from the ground up in order to take advantage of DX10 hardware. This is not likely to happen to too many games, unless it's hugely popular and sales are still pretty strong.

    Finally game developers will have to get their heads around the new video interface and the graphics hardware because this will completely change the way they structure game code. This may take sometime, like at least a year AFTER Vista is released before we'll see the first few games daring to step into the new arena of video protocol. Game developers also know, no one will buy the game because noone has bought the Vista OS and the new DX10 gpu cards. The whole thing becomes a vicious circle.
    " I won't make a game for DX10 until graphics cards are ready"
    " We won't make a graphics card until games are ready to handle them".

    Then there's the consumer:" I won't buy Vista until MS gets all the bugs out, DX10 gpu cards are mature and DX10 games are readily available.


  5. mstpaintball

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    I'm wanting to buy 2 BFG Geforce 7950 GX2 1GB Video Cards for SLI (I know the drivers aren't available yet for SLI). Is DirectX10 going to kill the resale value? Also, is current hardware like Motherboards going to be DirectX10 compatible?
  6. sellmesanity

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    Thanks for everyone's responses. I have friends back at home, and I ask them these same questions. They always give me answers the opposite of what the forums say, but you guys seem way more qualified and your explanations measure up way more than theirs. They suggested I wait, and I am now not going to wait...I am going to get that 7900gt so that I can play any game I want. When DX10 cards are standardized, mature, and cheaper I will upgrade accordingly, I am sure my brother would love the 7900gt as opposed to his 4200ti anyday. Thanks again, I feel a great amount of appreciation towards you guys. Have a great day. Hopefully I don't have another 7900gt nightmare with these new "fixed" ones.

    And Howard, this is the second time you helped me out big time. Thanks man!
  7. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    DirectX10 will absolutely not kill resale value since it will take time for DX10-only games to be released. Besides, not everybody will want to or be able to upgrade to Vista, which is the only OS on which DX10 will be usable. As for mobos, I don't think current-gen mobos will be affected, since DX-10 cards will still likely remain PCI-E as it is the fastest graphics bus around. So unless ur mobo is an AGP one, u have no reason to worry about it being DX-10 incompatible, unless of course it is Socket 939(AMD) or Socket 478(Intel) which are now being phased out and will be obsolete by the time DX-10 cards come out.
  8. sellmesanity

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    Okay, my card came. Everything is good so far, unlike my old 7900gt. Thanks for the help, I would have been a fool to wait over a year for DX10.
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