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Jan 24, 2007
  1. I am new to this forum and from what I have seen looking around there are a lot of E-Machine problems. I'll try and make this simple. My model W2260 stopped working, black screen when you try and load Windows. Went thru a bunch of differnet things and between myself and my IT guy at work we have determined that the CPU went bad. I could bore you with everything that was done, swapped memory, new MB with old CPU, new case, new PS but I won't. Here is my question. I have another CPU that I can put in the E-machine with the original MB. It was a good working machine and I would keep it if it were still working. I am worried about a MB problem that caused the CPU to go bad, and frying the other CPU. Is it common for a MB problem to take out the CPU? The CPU is an AMD Athalon XP 2200+. I have seen them on E-bay for about $25. Do I risk it? Is there any other option? I hate to junk it not knowing for sure if it is a MB problem. Reading all the MB problems other E-machine owners are having I might be $25 ahead by just junking it.
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    No, only if the motherboard was supplying the wrong voltage to the CPU. It is however very common for a PSU to take out all other components when it dies.
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    The problem with that model is nearly always the motherboard, rather than the power supply or the CPU. We have had a large number of that Wal-Mart machine in our shop for the same symptoms. The motherboard must be replaced in at leas 75 percent of the cases.
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    Thanks Guys

    Thanks for the input thus far. Let me expand a little and give an update. I believe the PS is still "good", meaning it has not failed. I actually thought the PS might have been the problem to begin with so I took it out and put it in an old machine that did not have a PS. It fired right up no problem. Now just because it ran for a few minutes doesn't mean it didn't send a spike voltage or something out in the E-machine and fry something.

    I got a used MB and CPU from a friend. When I put my original CPU on the "new" MB I get the same problem, black screen. Everything but the case, PS, and CPU came out of the E-mahcine. When I put the "new" CPU on the "new" MB, again everything else is the same, it goes in to a reboot loop. My IT guy and I were able to stop the loop and get an error code. Dumby me I didn't write it down, but we looked it up on the net and I think it was a hardware error, possibly IDE. I'll try and get the exact error code number and description we found and post it.

    My IT guys is telling me it is because the HDD from the E-machine has specific driver on it for a specific MB. Now that I ham trying to switch the MB, the HDD doesn't have the correct drivers, thus the error. It appears I could format and reload, but don't want to if I don't have to.

    Does what he is saying make sense, and if so is there a way around this problem?

    Thanks again - 87
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    What happens, per agreement between eMachines and Microsoft, is that eMachines installs a special code on the ePROM of the motherboard. If the version of Windows provided by eMachines does not find that code (and it is different for each model of eMachines) then it will not boot. What is more, the hard drive will not work on another machine, or on another motherboard, unless you reinstall Windows... which means you must use an OEM version which may cost you anywhere from $64 to $184, depending on where you buy it.
    The eMachines restore disk will not work unless it detects eProm.
    The Windows on the eMachines hard drive will not work if it detects the hardware has changed... this means any change except the modem.
    This is a requirement of Microsoft for all manufacturers who use restore discs with Windows pre-installed.
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    Basically saying, if you have the old motherboard, and cpu, it will most likely work. Remember that when you replace the motherboard and cpu, you basically have a new computer. It is not read as an eMachines anymore per say. Most of the time, you need buy a new version of Windows (whichever version you want).
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    It is more the ePROM code, than the motherboard. Any motherboard will work if it has the correct ePROM code installed. the eMachines version of windows must find that ePROM code in order to boot. Almost every Windows XP version will refuse to boot it it detects a change in hard drive, motherboard, audio graphics, video graphics,CPU, or memory type. Memory amount, modem, and power supply will not be detected as a major equipment change.
    But a change in model of eMachines motherboards will not work... because the ePROM code is different.
    The combination of changes dooms you...
    You can buy a motherboard identical to the eMachines motherboard for as low as $39.00 plus shipping, verses the $159.95 to $211.95 eMachines motherboards... but the changed motherboard will not allow the Windows restore disc of eMachines to work.
    But you can, with a bit of luck, find a legal version of Windows XP Home for sale for $64. That, combined with a motherboard that cost $95.95 or less with shipping, can make for a very good rebuild of computers... at least in reliability.
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