ECC and non-parity

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Aug 3, 2003
  1. whats the differents between ecc and non parity ram?
  2. JSR

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    is (error checking) ram.............for critical performance related to servers and large modules of ram..........for gaming etc. use non parity as opposed to parity(ecc) ram :grinthumb
  3. Phantasm66

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    Unless you have a motherboard aimed at the server market (i.e. dual CPU sockets, onboard SCSI RAID, etc) then you can't use ECC. Buy non-parity as JSR instructs. Consult your motherboard's manual.
  4. Dantrag

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    just wonderd what the differens whas i didn't know witch to get from crucial

    btw i've got 256mb pc2700. i've just got 512 mb but getting some more in a week (512mb) i had bad ram
  5. Steg

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    dont buy ECC - as has been said - unless u have a server mboard then it wont support ecc - and its incredebly expensive
    and if u want my opinion buy Corsair - not Crucial

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