Elon Musk says Apple's Tim Cook refused to meet with him to discuss acquiring Tesla

No doubt Cook is smart enough to realize a con job when he see's one ....... and let's face it, Musk is just a Trump Jr., craving all the attention he can get ....
That's a stretch...Musk is a well known publicity friendly guy. Makes him Trump like?!
His IQ is certainly twice that of the Orange Overlord. His net worth is over 10x due to his entrepreneurial prowess.
Like comparing apples to orange overlords IMO.


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The difference between a failing company and a struggling company is the outcome. And I would agree with you, except Tim Cook refused to even have a meeting. Labeling Tesla a failing company without them ever failing is probably the same bias that Tim Cook had. Today Tesla is the most successful EV company and Apple still is not an EV company.
Hindsight is always 20/20.
Apple didn't bother with acquiring ARM either and M1 is one of the biggest disruptions in computing right now.
Apple also isn't a car company, and I don't see their offering as direct competition to Tesla in the short term.


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I wish I had to foresight to have bought Apple stock when they were a 'failing' company. Don't let all those millionaires that were made by that one decision make you question your statement though.....
Hindsight is always 20/20.....
And feelings change when you have something to lose.


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Its probably so they can sell a $35000 car for I don't know $50000? You know share holders won't be happy if those shares don't keep going up in value : P
More like valued at 10000$ and selling at 10x the price. What you said is typical for normal car companies. Apple will want to reach its third trillion $ with cars and whatever sh&t they wanna sell.


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Shame. Tesla is something that is similar in the idea and shape of Apple. I think they could benefit each other. Although a car priced below 100k would be considered a cheapo by Apple standards
Trump has been a very good president, certainly far better than Obama or Biden could even think of being. Musk and Trump both became billionaires on their own merit. Cook, on the other hand, never founded anything. He effectively inherited a corporation that was built by others.
Interesting observation.
P.S. I voted for both Obama, and Trump in 2020.


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Apple would’ve tilted their hand too early if they bought a high profile automaker like that. Apple couldn’t even decide to move forward with the car project at that point why would they spend billion acquiring a company with an unproven track record. Personally, I just like to think Tim Cook hates people like Elon Musk, a boisterous egomaniac with too privileged of a upbringing to understand empathy.


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Tesla was worth far more than 60 billion. Think of all the engineers, technicians, workers, facilities, land, patents, etc.

Musk offered Cook the deal of the century, and Cook wouldn't even speak him. Cook could have invested a few billion. He didn't have to buy the whole company. Cook was probably hoping that Tesla would fail and he could buy the pieces for even less money. Boy did he screw up.

It will do down as perhaps the most stupid thing ever done by a corporate ceo. With leadership like that, ya gotta wonder how Apple even survives.
Well they are losing worldwide marketshare in just about every category, with their PC business in shambles since about 2008 when they started losing audio, photo and video professionals .