Emachines t1200 not POSTing, any suggestions?

By sweetyb
Feb 10, 2005
  1. I'm working on an emachines t1200 that's having boot problems. If I power it on, the power supply fan will start but nothing else. I had to wiggle the CPU fan cable to get that going, but other than that nothing else was functioning. I will test a new motherboard battery if I can get a hold of one, and test that. I also plan to get a tester for the power supply very soon.

    I know emachines are bunk by nature, but I would just like to atleast try everything possible before breaking any bad news to the owner.

    Note: Owner had problems with .dll error messages 1st, then using Spybot to clear "everything" labeled as harmful, then tried recovering it, then had freezing problems, then boot problems. Hope this is clear =)
  2. SNGX1275

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    Make sure everythign is seated properly. Also dl memtest86 and run that on the RAM. Lots of .dll errors in my expierence (espically if they don't exhibit any real pattern) have indicated faulty ram.
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