EMachines W3400 Boot-up Issue need help plz

By shadowamp
Feb 13, 2008
  1. Ok I just got this computer a week ago from a friend. It is a Emachines W3400 AMD athlon 64 3000+ (2.0 ghz). The computer came to me with no Power Supply. And was told it was working before it was removed. I installed a working Power supply today. Soon as i turn the machine on the blue power LED turns on along with the harddrive LED. Can hear both fans spinning and harddrive is moving as well. Now to the problem.

    It powers on and loads up to the Emachines E logo. Says to hit F2 for Bios or F10 for boot menu. I let it sit that way for about 10 minutes with no change at all. So i powered off the machine checked all connections all are in tight. Tried again same result. I try to enter either screen hitting F2 or F10 does nothing but after pressing keys a few times the machine will beep with every key press.

    List of what i've tried:
    1. Checked all cables to insure proper connection
    2. Exchanged hard drives
    3. Unplugged all other devices only had monitor,mouse, and keyboard attached. All dvd roms floppy and HD was disconnected. Still got E Logo screen
    4. Pulled ram and tried other slot same E Logo Screen
    5. Checked all capacitors none look to be bad.
    6. Pull ram again and left out to insure Bios would beep every few seconds.

    All the basic things i know to check in this instance. I'm debating on if its the Processor or the MOBO is bad.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks...
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    That eMachine is sold by Wal-Mart.
    However, like most failed eMachines computer, the motherboard fails, and that causes the power supply to fail. Usually the motherboard is ruined. It will cost you $159.95 plus shipping to get a new one from eMachines. If you do not, the restore disk and hard drive will not work.
    Your hard drive is good, your cpu and cpu fan is good, your modem and memory are good, your optical drive is good.
    So only your motherboard and power supply are bad... if yours is typical of other eMachines W3400 computers.
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