Emergency Problem with sata hard disk

By granitu
Oct 22, 2007
  1. hi i am seeking your help as a last alternative to send my computer to a technician as i really cannot figure out what is going on.

    i m having a problem with my sata hard disk with mobo asus k8v-x. it was working a few days ago until the other pc hard disk corrupted and in order to verify that it is a corrupted hd, i connected it to the asus pc with 2 hard disk on a sata configurations with no jumpers. evidence showed me that it as a corrupted hard disk as the same problem occured and somehow afterwards the pc let me format the corrupted hd, which beforehand was showing the fatal blue screen error inviting me run scan disk.

    the real problem comes now. the hd is recognized in the bios but it wont boot giving me the error "insert a bootable device" and a fresh copy of windows won't do either. i downloaded the raid drivers but it showed me an error ( pressing f6 in setup beforehand) to install them something line 1122 or something like that.

    Did i need to create an array to coonect both?
    10x in advance
  2. Cinders

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    Corrupted hard drives are usually also broken hard drives.

    Reinstall the suspected bad drive in the old computer but note the make/model and serial number of the drive as you do this. You will need a second computer to do the next step.

    Go to the drive manufacturers website and download their hard drive checking software. You may have to burn this software to a CD or write it to a floppy. Now place the CD/floppy into the old computer with the corrupted disk and boot the machine. Enter the computers BIOS and change the first boot device to you CD/floppy whichever is appropriate and allow the computer to boot into the software. Run the tests. Chances are your hard drive will come back as bad.
  3. granitu

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    i think i dindn't explain myself well, i repaired my faulty hard disk, i am using it right now, the problem is with the good one, it is recognized in the bios but it won't boot, and it used to boot normaly before i connected the two drives together with a sata configuration with tha asus computer, now i am trying to connect the good hd with the pc,recognized in the bios but wont boot.

    not even a fresh copy of windows can be installed, it is as if there is no drive present for the windows

    the two drives happen to be identical also
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