Enabling AGP? Could this be it?

By cassandra1985
Jan 12, 2006
  1. I recently upgraded my computer (by myself : :blackeye: ). It was new installation of a video card. My old one was an Integrated NVidia that is forever onboard as far as I can tell, and the new video card is an ATI Radeon 7000. I installed it, and it seems to be working all right as far as everything goes.

    I recently went to play a game, LineageII. I knew I fell somewhere between the minimum and maximum requirements, so I went to play and it told me that my AGP was deactivated, and to enable it for consistency. When I'd start the game, the screen would go black. I figured I'd better enable my AGP -- however, when I went to do so I realized I had no frickin' clue how to do it. I tried to do it through DirectX, but it's greyed out. When I tried to do it in Bios, my Bios said NOTHING about any AGP but at the same time I haven't an idea what to look for and modify thus I got really confused. I've been trying for two days now to figure something out without ruining my computer :( Help!

    I know I run an ASUS motherboard.
    My Bios type -- I don't know but it says "ev 1004/aa" under revision type and something about Pheonix Award Bios Setup.

    I am so lost! Help me!
  2. DragonFury

    DragonFury TS Rookie Posts: 63

    it will say init type / agp apature / its gets called different names , mostly it is located in advanced bios or integrated peripherials . and you need it on to use the hard ware acceleration
  3. danlee711

    danlee711 TS Rookie

    How do i turn my AGP on??? I WANT TO PLAY LINEAGE 2...
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    In your bios, in advanced you should see "Primary Graphics Adapter", that needs to be set to agp!!

    "Agp Mode" needs to be set to x8 or whatever its highest setting is.

    "Graphics Aperture Size" needs to be set to its smallest setting (16 Meg if memory serves).

    Your bios may not be set out the same way as mine (i used my manual to look it all up) but it should at least be similar as, if you look at my profile, i have an asus mobo too!!!!
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