Error message "CPU Fan is not working" On boot. Press F2 to boot...

By HillTech
Dec 29, 2004
  1. Hi there!

    One of our CPUs and monitor gave up most of the ghost. I monitor is hosed, I tested so that is no biggie... But the CPU says that the CPU fan is not running, press F2 to continue boot or it will shut down in 5 seconds.
    If I press F2, it boots fine. I have a new HD in the CPU because my boss REALLY needed his computer and I had a spare. So he is set, but I am still dealing with his old one. I have checked the fans on the PS and the MB. BOTH are working. So am I missing something? It is a HP pc 864n Media center.

  2. Didou

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    It could be that the CPU fan is connected directly to the PSU rather then on the CPU_FAN connector on the motherboard &/or the CPU fan is spinning at such a low RPM level that the motherboard cannot detect it.

    If the CPU fan is spinning & the temps are decent, then you shouldn't worry.
  3. HillTech

    HillTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How can I check the temp? That I have not done. The MB is a MS 6577 model.

    Thanks again!
  4. jonathanreuter2

    jonathanreuter2 TS Rookie

    CPU Fan Not Detected

    2 Questions: My CPU fan recently stopped working. I had it replaced but the repair shop told me I would not be able to do anything about the error message on startup of, "CPU FAN NOT DETECTED" and that I would have to press F1 each time on startup in order to continue. Is there any way to remove this message?

    Also, how do I create a default OS so that I do not have to choose from the list of 2 at each startup? These two issues are quickly becoming an annoying start to booting up my computer.

    Thank you.
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