Ever since Viruses, printers not working.

By mopar man
Dec 3, 2007
  1. This is a very odd occurence that I just now realized may be linked.

    About a year ago I download a Trojan that spread pretty badly. I killed it of finally and noticed that my printer was no longer shown in My Computer. I first checked if I turned a needed service/startup item off in msconfig, which wasn't it.

    I also tried a different printer, reinstalling the drivers, etc. I have also noticed that it will still "print", but when it does print it, it would only print red lines. Now, though, after just trying it, it acts as if it is not even touching the paper. Although they are both low on ink (both I tried), I don't think that is the problem. I have a feeling it is the computers fault and don't know where to start.

  2. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

    Lets have a quick look for any malware/spyware.

    Please post an HJT log as an attachment into this thread. See how HERE.

    Regards Jason :wave:
  3. pdyckman@comcas

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    You could put in your Windows disc and run 'repair' and very possibly get back file(s) that became corrupted.
  4. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 1,379

    I'll be honest, I am afraid to do this. Doing some research I found out that I may have to reactivate it, and every driver will revert back. I have installed a new GPU and don't want to go through the process of re-installing the drivers for it, due to the fact that I will have to revert back to the onboard for a while.

    Thanks, though, because I hadn't even thought of that.

    By the way, the Dell came with a XP OEM disk, but I am afraid I do not believe I have the Key for it anymore. Is this key put into the Dell from the factory? It says it should only be used on Dell computer systems, so I figure it has something special about it.

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