Evga Nvidia 680i sli board + no video output =(

ok first off i got this board second hand from my brother, he couldnt get it to work at all however he thought it was a video card compatability issue. He had a ATI Radeon card and its an NVIDIA chipset on the board.

Now that ive giving a tiny bit of back ground ill give you the systems specs or atleast the specs itll be once its working and can see things.

CPU: Intel core 2 duo E6600


Motherboard: As mentioned EVGA NVIDIA 680i sli

GPU: GEforce 8400 GS

PSU: Sparkle 1000W gold class

2 TB for storage and a 160 GB for the OS

Thats whats in my box and the box itself is a Rosewill CRUISER

So far everything looks like its powers up right and and the HDD spins up
it seems like its posting correctly i jus cant get anyvideo out of it.
Any suggestions would be helpful

also keyboards will not work in any usb port and on the mointer it says entering power save mode it detects the cable being there but does not get a signal ive tried multiple keyboards and multiple video cables


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sounds like it's just a faulty board... it doesn't matter if you have a single ATI or NVIDIA card, it should work with either