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Nov 22, 2009
  1. I am a probably a slightly above average computer user. Last night I spent hours and hours and hours following instructions I read on this site for how to get rid of a Trojan virus. Some things worked, other things seem like they fell victim to the virus. I have a whole bunch of reports to attach for you guys to check out... if someone could please just help me with the commands.... i posted in this forum for help last night but no response. Whats the deal?

    (Problems with computer vary, initially i just couldnt access outlook or firefox or IE, now my computer seems to freeze while I'm running different spyware applications. I moved 2 trojan virus files to the shredder in Spybot last night. I will run the tests again right now so they are current. Please, please help. I use my computer for work, home and school.
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    Quick Question

    I began the 8 step process earlier this weekend but I may have gotten impatient and rushed into things... sounds like something i would do, lol, anyway... I can no longer long onto the internet (in safe mode with networking or with standard mode) and if I try to open Norton it says it cant be opened and to restart my computer... do you have a quick fix for these things so i can begin downloading the necessary software for the 8 step process again?
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    You will probably have to remove Norton to continue
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