Explorer + Dr Watson Crash

By PhilC2005
Oct 24, 2005
  1. My computer recently got an lsass.exe error on boot-up so I re-installed XP, full re-format of the disk and all. I then put SP2 on it but whenever I tryed to do anything on the desktop; right-click, delete shortcut...etc. Explorer would crash followed by Dr Watson Debugger. I could then recover the situation by closing one of the two Dr Watson processes from the Task Manager, but if I tried again then the same thing would happen.

    Since then I have re-installed XP again (full re-format), but still the same problem!! It has run for the last 6 months w/ no problem but since the lsass.exe error....

    My specs are:

    Athlon 1400 (underclocked at 1176Mhz - 10.5 * 112mhz)
    Gigabyte GA-7ZX
    256MB PC133 RAM
    Hercules 3D prophet Geforce 256 (32MB)
    Western Digital 120GB 8MB cache
    400W PSU

    I assume the problem is hardware based because I have tried re-installing the software... my comp. has been running 24/7 recently but the HD has been switched off most of the time...

    Please Help!!

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