Ext WD HD Not Recognized

By gunny5821
May 25, 2009
  1. OK, this drive has just crapped out on me. Was working fine for a year, started throwing errors today and now the PC does not recognize it. I had it connected via firewire, but switched to USB 2 just to see if that would work. The USB found the device and reports the device is working, but when I try to populate it through device mgr, it says not initialized!

    So, I went to computer management and disk management. the drive is located, but has a red arrow pointing down on the drive icon and says it is not initialized. When I right click on it a window opens to initialize it but than throws an error stating, Incorrect Function!

    So, I have run out of ideas and to be homest Im ready to launch this thing across the parking lot, but alas, there must be a remeady, I just cannot see it, so Im here asking you guru's with the voodoo to do that stuff which you do! Say that 3 times fast!

    Looking and waiting ~~ thanks ~~ Gunny
  2. gunny5821

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    I decided I would unplug the Power Cable and FW Cable. Left the unit unplugged for 30 seconds. When I plugged the cables in, the drive was recognized by the PC and ALL files were intact as if nothing had happened!

    Obviously I am quickly taking everything off the drive at which time I will reformat the drve and start it again, fresh!

    Thank The Stars!

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