Fatal Error on Windows Re-Installation

By Hollow06
Mar 5, 2007
  1. Ok, heres my problem and what I've done to try and fix it.

    Dell Dimension 8400..

    I attempted to re-install my computer and all worked until windows setup.

    I got a fatal error. Cannot find gdiplus.man and I/O failure, device not ready.

    All connection are secure and in the proper place

    I've tried pulling all non essential peices out one by one in different order and even plugged in a new vid card and cd-rom (used ide instad of SATA drive).

    The other cd drive had a redundancy or whatever the error is that keeps spinning the disc and reading nothing.

    I've used a e-machine repair disc just in case it was the disc, it got up to mup.dll and would restart. If i backed out of the installation it would tell me that my cdrom drive is not a CDrom drive.....But if i didnt' back out all would work normally

    I've used a dos disc and ran diagnostics. Fdisk wasn't working well for me.

    With Dos On bootup my drive would be detected and then it would tell me that it is not found(called banana)

    I've tried partitioning my hard drive into 2 drives and using both or just one to put windows on, just in case of corruption. My bios options are limited but my cd-rom drive is configured properly as is my HDD.

    That is honestly about it, i had no problems with the system before i tried to reinstall it. Now i want to drop kick it out the window. Any help is appreciated. Thanx
  2. Hollow06

    Hollow06 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, i read up and am going to try another cd...still doesn't make any sense at all that my cdrom drive is being told it isn't what it is..
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