Displays Faulty LCD Monitor

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The monitor in question here is a Viewsonic VE 700 (17" 5:4 LCD), its probably about 4 years old and definitely outside of its warranty period.

Now the monitor turns on fine and displays the video signal fine for approximately 2 seconds then goes black. I can turn the monitor off and back on again and it will display the image for 2 seconds and then black again, It will not display the signal continuously. Now when I say it goes black, the picture is still there, but its just extremely dark, as if the brightness has been turned right down and its extremely hard to see (you'd think there was no video signal unless you got right up to it)

I have tried using the auto image adjust feature to no success, and tried using the on screen menu/settings (right up close squinting to see the menu) and the contrast and brightness are turned up to the maximum and yet it still shows black.

I know for certain that it is not an issue with the computer or graphics card as I have tried the monitor on two different computers. Tried two different VGA cables connected to the monitor

The monitor is still receiving power as the power light is continuously green, its still receiving a video signal as it does not display the 'No Video Signal' message.

The monitor is definitely faulty.

Anyone know how to fix such an issue, how much it would cost (approximately it would fix to get fixed), if its worth getting repaired or just get a new monitor?


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It is most likely a problem with the LCD monitors internal power supply board. There are repair places for LCD monitors. Google for repair centers in your area
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