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@jobeard I think I asked this question before, but not sure. My iphone SE & iphone 6 Plus DO NOT have a phone number , yet a friend called me, how is that possible??


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Good question. There's a difference between DO NOT HAVE vs Does not have a cell provider account (have they EVER?).


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Follow this:


Next below Available is
  • Carrier
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • IMEI (GMA number)
  • ICCID (SIM serial)
  • MEID (CDMA number)
  • Modem Firmware
  • SEID (Secure Element ID - Apple Pay)

ONLY report the Carrier
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Then your IMEI (GMA number) or MEID (CDMA number) could have been used to access your cellphone.

you need to CLOSE the account if you expect to be inaccessible