FCC filing may be the new version of Google Glass

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A new Google product working its way through the FCC could be the company’s reimagined Google Glass. Here’s everything we know at this hour.

For starters, the mystery Google device isn’t labeled as a smartphone, tablet or wearable. It does, however, have 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE connectivity and a rechargeable, non-removable battery, suggesting it’s meant to be some sort of companion device.

The model name for the device is “GG1” which could obviously stand for Google Glass.

Digging deeper into the FCC filing, Droid-Life discovered the device will come with an AC charger and a USB cable to connect to a PC to provide a “path for charging and data transfer.”

The publication also found the device’s e-label, the software version of the regulatory stamp found on most electronics. Said label is embedded above but to get to it on the device, users will need to navigate to the settings menu then select regulatory information and scroll side-to-side to view it.

The shape of the e-label and the method to get to it all seem to fit Google Glass’ UI. Also, this is in line with an earlier report suggesting the revised device would be available soon.

Back in January, Google pulled its Glass project and set about reimagining it under the tutelage of Tony Fadell. We were told that things would be handled differently this time and there would be no public beta.

Image via Droid-Life

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I wouldn't be surprised. Google threw so much scratch, pomp and ceremony at their glasses project that somehow I just don't think they're ready to let it die peacefully. I'm sure it's going to try stage a terrific comeback again one day soon, only to probably be booted in the nuts once again.