Final Fantasy XI Online

By XYZ359
Mar 31, 2002
  1. For all you fanatics of Final Fantasy, go here and read up on the preview of the new Final Fantasy. It's XI and it's going to be mainly multiplayer but it depends on the kind of online world they determine.

    That's a quote from a preview...go read up on it here!!!,10869,2853829,00.html

  2. Ai Hate

    Ai Hate TS Rookie Posts: 302

    The Fantasy Rules...

    Final Fantasy for Nintendo

    Final Fantasy XI Developments @
    i have to admit, i do not like the thought of it going online. one main reason is because i do not have any internet connection at all at my apartment, let alone a fast one.
    but the more i know about it, the more i like it... it's really interesting how Square would push the series onto the online world while still preserving the Final Fantasy feeling...
    but i still think it looks just like AD&D games.

    various FF news...

    Final Fantasy IX PC : Special Edition @
    maybe that's what they mean by "special edition".
    Square sure has some bizzarre marketing... but anyway, i would probably get it (if i'm not short of cash at the time)...

    Final Fantasy IV & V Heading Across the Atlantic @
    cool. but it doesn't say what platform it'd be on... probably PS since it doesn't need the graphics power of the PS2. and releasing on the PS would give them a wider range of players...
  3. erwin1978

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    Paying to play the game online is a waste; after five months, you could buy a new game for the amount you would pay to play FFXI.
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